Pre-Toy Fair Coverage- Kaiyodo: FLCL

New Kaiyodo import might find its way to the U.S.!

Though it has not been 100% finalized for U.S. release yet, Kaiyodo's FLCL (pronounced Furi Kuri) action figures MIGHT see their way here via Diamond in 2002.

The anime from Gainax (the same studio behind the mega-popular "Evangelion" series) has been garnering some acclaim as being really original (and really weird.) Look for Furi Kuri on DVD in the U.S. in early 2002 and possible action figures of:

*HARUHARA HARUKO- a female figure which comes with guitar and moped.

*KANCHI- also known as Robot Kanchi (pictured above)

Both figures are currently available overseas.

Click below for a better look and more pics of Robot Kanchi- only figure from this series that was on display at Pre-Toy Fair.

New FLCL Coverage!
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Jeff Saylor (Editor)
on 09/24/2001
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