McFarlane's HALO Series 6 "Medal Edition" Revealed

Five new figures join "The Rookie" this October...

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McFarlane's upcoming Halo Series 6 "Medal Edition" includes new characters (Shipmaster, Rookie, Flood Pure Form Stalker AND Brute Bodyguard!) new weapons (Silenced SMG and Magnums!) and 10 different medals for fans to collect. The core assortment includes the debut of the highly coveted Spartan Recon Armor as part of the regular lineup, the return of Series 1's hard-to-find Grunt now in red, as well as the new "Rookie" figure from HALO 3: ODST (new game coming in September. Read all about this figure HERE).

HALO Series 6 "Medal Edition," scheduled to arrive this October, includes:

ELITE SHIPMASTER: RTAS 'VADUMEE (above) - with Plasma Sword, Plasma Grenade and Sword Spree! Medal

"THE ROOKIE" ODST - with Suppressed SMG and HALO 3: ODST Medal

BRUTE BODYGUARD - with Brute Shot and Spike Grenade

FLOOD PURE FORM STALKER - with Incineration! Medal

SPARTAN RECON [WHITE] - with Dual Magnums and Killionaire! Medal

GRUNT [RED] - with Plasma Rifle, Plasma Pistol, Plasma Grenade and Double Kill! Medal

For even more photo graphy of this series, CLICK HERE.

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