Toy Fair 2004 - Master Replicas: Alien vs Predator

Upcoming prop replicas unveiled!

As announced last year, Master Replicas had been awarded the license from Twentieth Century Fox to create and market collectible prop replicas for the Alien and Predator properties.

Detailed items for 2004 include:

*Ceremonial Dagger (prototype pictured above)- Predator's 25 inch ceremonial dagger featured in this summer's long awaited release of Alien vs Predator. Shipping 3rd Quarter for an MSRP of $199. Will be limited to 2500 pieces.

*Predator Spear - Molded from the original prop, this highly detailed replica is constructed in cold cast resin with a metallic finish. A full 32 inches in length and 3.5 inches in diameter. It does not extend. Shipping 2nd Quarter for a MSRP of $349. Limited to only 250 pieces.

*Alien Motion Tracker - Government issued tracker was used by the Marines to determine if they were endangered by the Aliens. Features authentic light and sound effects directly from the studio. Due out 4th Quarter for a MSRP of $399. Limited to 2500 pieces.

*Predator Helmet - Carefully constructed of cold cast resin. Replicating the original prop, a tri-laser sighting device with LED illumination is built in. Shipping 3rd Quarter for a MSRP of $299. Limited to 2500 pieces.

*Alien "Grid" Head - This next generation warrior alien is fiercer than the rest. From the upcoming movie Alien vs Predator, this Alien features an acid etched grid on his smooth domed head - the result of his escape from a Predator net! This scaled replica will be featured in two versions: open and a closed mouth. Both are due out 3rd Quarter for a MSRP of $59. Each limited to 5000 pieces.

*Predator "Scar" Helmet with Dreds - On a coming of age mission, Predator will stop at nothing. This AvP collectible will ship 3rd Quarter as both a solid and transparent helmet. MSSRP of $59 and limited to 5000 pieces each.

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Jeff Saylor (Editor)
on 02/18/2004
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