SOTA Toys On "The Chronicles of Riddick"

First ever Vin Diesel action figure!

The David Twohy directed motion picture "Pitch Black" MADE actor Vin Diesel the action hero he is today. I recall seeing the 2000 release in theaters; buttery popcorn and Twizzlers in hand thinking to myself - man, not only is this a unique spin on the typical outer space monster movie, but who is that actor with the creepy eyes who can see in the dark?

While a man of few words in the flick - Vin Diesel, aka: Richard B. Riddick - made his presence well known with his anti-hero/prisoner portrayal. Not good, nor bad - just a man stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time. Vin added sci-fi spice with brawn and onscreen charm.

Reprising his role this summer, Richard B. Riddick returns in the new science fiction action-adventure epic, "The Chronicles of Riddick." Director David Twohy's vision carries our star 5 years into the future. After the events of "Pitch Black," Riddick has been active avoiding the mercenaries out to collect the price on his head. "Now, the fugitive finds himself on a planet that has been invaded by a martial race intent on extinguishing life in the universe. The apocalyptic battle that ensues leaves the fate of all beings hanging in the balance." Check out the online TRAILER.

To coincide with the June 11th motion picture debut, SOTA Toys will introduce a full assortment of extremely articulated and detailed action figures. Laser scanned for accurate likeness, SOTA's Riddick collection will consist of the following Universal Pictures approved collectibles:

*Riddick (Heavily case packed. Will also feature removeable goggles with Riddick's shining metallic eyes beneath.)

*Lord Marshal

*Lensing Necro



Each highly detailed action figure will include themed accessories from the movie. MSRP of $12.99 each.

In addition, a Riddick Box Set will be released containing Riddick in "Battle Gear" and a "Hellhound" creature. This set plays an important part in the upcoming movie. MSRP: $19.99.

Want a look at these figures? Sure you do... just click HERE.

Please note that all images, including Riddick pictured above, are approved prototypes. Final figure appearance may vary upon release.

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