TF05 - NECA Reveals Cult Classics Series 2

"Bubba Ho-tep" to join Series 3!!

Toy Fair held many surprises, one of them being the announcement of NECA's second assortment of Cult Classics! Series 2 will consist of previously announced Leatherface from "The Texas Chainsaw" Massacre along with three exciting new additions:

*"New Nightmare" Freddy Kreuger with removable hat.

*Frank the Bunny (pictured) from "Donnie Darko." Features removable alternate head.

*Tall Man from "Phantasm." Will include "The Ball" and 2 henchmen dwarves. No prototypes of Freddy and the Tall Man were on display.

Speaking of "Phantasm," NECA revealed a silver "brain sucking" sphere replica. This collectible piece will be metal and is slated for release this fall in conjunction with Cult Classics Series 2.

And while still a year away, Cult Classics Series 3 will star Bruce Campbell as Elvis Presley from the 2002 underground hit "Bubba Ho-tep." Asked if fans would receive the mummy himself - Bubba Ho-tep - in figure form, NECA stated that they had the license for all characters in the movie and that it was a possibility.

Click the link below for an image gallery tour, including a look at Series 1's Mohawk Gremlin and base!

Cult Classics Image Gallery
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