UK Toy Fair 2004 - New NECA Licenses Announced

Pirates of the Carribean, Iron Maiden's Eddie, more!

As if the news of new 19" Lord of the Rings Epic Scale Figures wasn't enough, along comes further licensing announcements from NECA.

Hot on the list is Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. According to our sources, NECA's two Disney theme park ride based Head Knockers released last year will be joined in 2004 by a line of movie based action figures. UK Toy Fair confirmed figures included Johnny Depp as the swashbuckling Jack Sparrow and Geoffrey Rush as the cursed Captain Barbossa.

Nostalgic metal-heads will rejoice with word of a new 18" Eddie - Iron Maiden's album cover gracing zombie mascot. Plans call for the first release to be based on the artwork of Maiden's album "Somewhere In Time". This futuristic Eddie will star as both a motion activated figure with sound ($35-$40) and as a band signed statue. Look for both this fall.

In closing, Pulp Fiction fans will be happy to know that not only will a line of GEOMS be produced, but action figures as well.

Stay tuned for more NECA news as the US Toy Fair approaches. For a NECA UK Toy Fair image gallery tour, just click HERE.

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Jeff Saylor (Editor)
on 02/02/2004
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