UK Toy Fair 2004 - NECA: Lord of the Rings Epic Scale Figures

19" figures revealed!

NECA Reel Toys has a few surprises in store for 2004 and one of the biggest is the announcement of large scale (18" and above) action figures from Lord of the Rings. The first prototypes made their debut this week at the UK Toy Fair.

The first in the brand new series of figures will be Aragorn EPIC 18" Figure w/ Motion Activated Sound. Aragorn is presented in his ranger outfit with trenchcoat and stands over 18" tall. He will come equipped with a quiver, arrows, bow, elven knife & sheath, ranger sword & sheath with removable eating knife and a torch.

Motion Activated Sensors trigger the figures to "speak" key phrases from the films.

For UK Toy Fair images of Aragorn AND Legolas, just click HERE! Gandalf the Grey will join this series in October along with a fourth, yet to be announced, figure.

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Jeff Saylor (Editor)
on 01/30/2004
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