TF08: Amok Time Catches Monster Fever

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Amok Time unleashed their inner demon at Toy Fair, unveiling a gaggle of ghoulish creations.

Topping the list was their collection of 12" Monster HD action figures. Company mascot Uncle Sam Hame (above - $55.99) will lead the charge, gory fingered eyeball included. Sam will be joined by other Monster HD creatures, including those from the rememberable films Blood of Dracula ($55.99), Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster ($89.99), She-Creature ($69.99) and Horror of Party Beach ($69.99).

One of my favorite figures on display was a stylish Creature of the Black Lagoon. This "Super Size Creepy Collector's Figure" stands a towering 23" tall and is cast in a durable high quality vinyl. $119.99 and shambling to shore this October. A massive 23" Frankenstein Monster will also see release later this year featuring real metal neck bolts.

A monster collection wouldn't be complete without the "Master of Menace" himself, Vincent Price. "The Vincent Price Collection" will launch with a 12" tall deluxe collector's statue of him in The Pit and the Pendulum ($149.99).

In addition to Vincent Price, other notable horror actors to receive collectibles will be Rondo Hatton and Boris Karloff as 12" figures. Rondo hits this June limited to 500 pieces and priced at $44.99, with Boris due out in December priced at $55.99.

Check out Amok Time's extensive creature collection on display at Toy Fair at the link below. 2008 is going to be a good year for monster fans!

Amok Time MONSTER Toy Fair 2008 Photo Gallery
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