Austin Powers Foxxy Cleopatra Action Figure

The official word on canceled fig.

It's just one of those things that happens in the whacky world of making toys: you have a great line up, it's announced, and a figure gets canceled. Better than an entire line being canceled (which has been the case), but still nothing to write home about. Thus was the situation with Mezco's Austin Powers In Goldmember assortment; Foxxy Cleopatra being the fig in question.

Shown to the press in all of her afro glory, this fig has spawned a slew of emails asking "where she at?" While fans resorted to rumors, we now have the official word from the man himself. Mezco President Mike "Mez" Markowitz states: "Foxxy was canceled as per Newline's instructions shortly before production- The reasons are unclear but the directions were not." And while a prototype DOES exist (pictured above), don't count it as one of your holiday gift requests. Mez says "As far as selling the prototype- we donít sell prototypes of licensed product as it may compromise our agreements with the licensor."

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