Where's My Figures of FALLOUT 3?

Mad Max in the Atomic '50s. What's not to love?

Sometimes, a video game, comic, movie or TV show just cries "action figures." Unfortunately, just as often, these cries aren't heard - or even worse, they're ignored - by the toy manufacturers and retailers.

Thus, we've taken it upon ourselves to announce to the world - as well as any toy manufacturer or retailer out there - which video games, comics, movies, and TV shows we'd like to see permanently captured in perfect plastic form.

Few video games have touched me as profoundly as Fallout 3... and not on some deep emotional level. No, Fallout 3 elevated me to a new plateau of escapism; hours upon countless hours of pure geek out bliss. Set in a post-apocalyptic Washington DC, Fallout 3 captivates with a fantastic open world to explore and enrich; loot and destroy. Fallout 3 is Mad Max in the Atomic '50s; a genre blurring game fusing real-time action with engaging RPG elements.

So where are my figures of Fallout 3?

Since its release last October, Fallout 3 has proven to be massive hit with critics and fans alike. While a natural fit for collectibles - in both design and in strong sales - only a handful of items have been released. These include a tin lunch box, Pip Boy clock, Vault Boy bobblehead, and a very rare Brotherhood of Steel statue, all as part of early promotional game packages. Late to the game (so to speak), I missed out on these awesome collectibles. It was my searching on the secondary market that hammered home how popular these were and how more Fallout 3 collectibles must be made.

The most obvious candidate is the Vault Boy bobblehead. Unlike the promo bobbler that simply depicted the Vault Boy with arms crossed, these would represent all 20 of the actual bobbleheads hidden in the game. Each a Stat or Skill, the cartoony wobblers would come armed with all sorts of arresting accessories, from a sharp syringe for Medicine to a huge Gatling gun for Big Guns. My top toy company nomination for these would be NECA whose already established line of resin Head Knockers would do these extreme justice. With such a simple character design NECA could knock these out of the park - say 2 a month - for almost a full year. These should be made limited edition (1000-2000 each?) to drive up demand/insure sell-through and retail for around $20-$30 each. With the plastic promo bobbler's going for $25 and up on evil eBay, these resin Vault Boy bobbleheads would be a bonafide hit with fans. You could even throw in an original Vault Boy bobblehead incentive for collecting them all! Or better yet, a stand to display them all on!

Characters and creatures in Fallout 3 are cool and diverse, though how most of them would sell as action figures is questionable. My proposal then would to do one action figure of arguably the coolest character of the game: The Brotherhood of Steel. These Power Armored Paladins of the wasteland would make an exciting figure in 7-8 inch scale. Again, NECA instantly springs to mind as the company to make these, the iconic game cover warrior a perfect match for their Player Select series. Armed with a powerful Minigun and Laser Rifle, a Brotherhood of Steel action figure would be a hot sell. With a simple repaint to red and black, a Brotherhood Outcast could be produced as a variant or exclusive!

Three games deep, the Fallout universe already has a tremendous fan base in place. The success of Fallout 3 and its subsequent add-on game packs has only increased that number. A future installment is almost guaranteed, but are new collectibles? For the sake of this die-hard Fallout fan, I sure hope so.

- Jeff Saylor

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