INTERVIEW: NECA's Randy Falk on Gears of War

Giveaway, figures, busts, GoW2, and will fans receive a 1:1 scale Lancer?

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Randy Falk, action figure enthusiast and Head of Product Development for NECA, took time from his hectic schedule to answer some burning Gears of War questions we had. With Series 1 ripping into stores SOON, a second series for summer and an anticipated video game sequel come winter, 2008 is going to be one amazing year for GoW fans. Lock 'n load COG soldier, read on...

Tell us a little about what other Gears of War action figures and collectibles fans can expect to see on retail shelves soon? Will fans see a 12" or even - Locusts beware! - 18" Marcus Fenix this fall? What about the Locust 1:1 scale bust?

Randy Falk: Aside from the carded release of Series 1 (Marcus, Cole, Locust Drone and Locust Sniper) we're releasing a boxed set of all 4 figures in one package along with a variant helmeted Locust head with removable mask pieces.

Series 2 (Dom, Baird, Theron, and Theron in helmet) are ready to go for late Summer/early Fall. We have several cool variants and exclusives in the pipeline like Kim, Raam, and everyone's favorite Exploded Head Locust. Details on their release are TBA but I can confirm Carmine will be our SDCC exclusive for this summer.

We're also developing a lot of gift/accessory items like wall scrolls, Lancer keychains, messenger bags, COG tag necklaces and a lot more.

A 12" Marcus is in the works and will probably be released in 2 ways: Push Button Sound and also Light-Up LED's on the armor so you can choose between talking or lights for your 12" Marcus.

We're still working on the limited edition Locust Bust - designed and sculpted by Chris Perna. We want to create a new base that utilizes the Locust symbol to make this special edition item even more unique.

When can fans expect to see prop replicas - and specifically a 1:1 scale Lancer - hit shelves?

Randy: We're working on some Lancer related items right now for release closer to Gears of War 2. More details later this Summer. :)

Can fans expect to see any deluxe figures - such as the Brumak - in future waves?

Randy: There are not any specific deluxe figures planned just yet but we are doing some diorama type scenes including Marcus chainsawing into a Locust torso.

Besides the series 1 NECA action figures hitting retail, the biggest Gears of War news of late seems to be the scheduled release of Gears of War 2 this November exclusively to the Xbox 360. Can fans expect NECA action figures and collectibles based on Gears of War 2?

Randy: We are definitely working on figures and collectibles from Gears of War 2. I can't divulge any details but we're very excited to expand our line and to see/learn more about the Gears universe. There characters and designs are so rich - all of them make for great figures!

Be sure and tune in next week as we slice deeper into our Gears of War coverage; including an advance figure review of Series 1 and an exclusive interview with Epic's Chris Perna (lead artist of GoW). Also don't forget to ENTER our NECA Gears of War - COG Command Giveaway! GoW mania is on!

- Interview by Jess C. Horsley/ Jeff Saylor

- Figure Photography by Jeff Saylor

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