Kotobukiya Celebrates Star Wars Celebration IV with ARTFX Exclusive

Yoda: Spirit of the Force statue...

Kotobukiya announces in a recent press release that they will be attending Star Wars Celebration IV (May 24-28) and will be offering an exclusive ARTFX Statue.

The first-ever USA convention exclusive from their series of ARTFX Statues - Kotobukiya’s brand name for snap fit, prepainted vinyl statues – will be YODA: SPIRIT OF THE FORCE ARTFX STATUE, featuring a LED light and voice sound chip.

Starring the Jedi Master as he appears in The Empire Strikes Back, Yoda will feature a button on his base that triggers three different phrases of original movie dialogue, as spoken by Frank Oz:

- “May the Force be with you.”

- “No. Try not. Do…or do not. There is no try.”

- “You must feel the Force around you. Here, between you...me...the tree...the rock...everywhere!”

Cast in translucent material, activating the LED feature will illuminate Yoda in his blue, glowing Jedi Spirit form. YODA: SPIRIT OF THE FORCE ARTFX STATUE will be limited to only 1138 pieces for Celebration IV. Each box will be individually serial numbered to ensure collectibility, as this is one of the smallest production runs for any piece in the ARTFX line.

To try to ensure that fans attending on different days of the convention will all have an opportunity to obtain a Yoda, each day’s sales will be limited as follows:

- May 24th 500 pieces (Star Wars Fan Club Day)

- May 25th 300 pieces

- May 26th 200 pieces

- May 27th 100 pieces

Purchases will be limited to only 3 toys per person, but there will be no individual limit on Star Wars Fan Club Day. Yoda will retail for $60 and will be available at Kotobukiya’s booth #921.

A limited quantity will also be made available for fans attending Star Wars Celebration Europe in London this July, as well as a limited quantity available for Japanese fans at Kotobukiya’s chain of retail shops. Details of the exact edition size produced worldwide for this 30th Anniversary item will be printed on the back of the package.

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