TF 2006 - MADBALLS Bounce Back

Art Asylum resurrects classic toy line.

First introduced in 1986, Amtoy's gross and squishy Madballs quickly became a toy phenomenon; spurring the attention of comics, cartoons and the bane of intermediate school teachers nationwide. Tweaked for today, Art Asylum will be reintroducing Madballs in 2006 with tried and true classic designs injected with Inmate flare.

Fans old and young can look forward to the original foam fiends mixed with new Art Asylum designed characters starting with Series 1 (SRP of $3.99 each): Skull Face, Slobulus, Bash Brain, Horn Head, Bust Brain, and Repvile (Art Asylum orignal).

Art Asylum will also release Madball Screechers (SRP of $5.99 each), and Super Madballs (SRP of $9.99) - both featuring electronic sound effects.

Here's hoping retro-madness pays off... I'm still waiting for that Madballs cereal. Crunch with a punch, I can taste it now. And no, I ain't Bonkers.

Oh, for fans wondering about Madball action figures... it's a possibility, but Art Asylum is gonna see how the above fly first.

Art Asylum's MADBALLS Photo Gallery
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