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Hello, all! We wanted to send out a message to let you know about some news and new product offerings at SMALLJOES.COM


GI JOE: Rise of Cobra figure assortments wave 4 and wave 5 are currently in stock. We recommend purchasing the case assortment for the best price.

To order the latest figures, click HERE!

New vehicle assortments also available. Bravo wave 2 asst and alpha wave 2 asst. Alpha wave 3 asst is available for pre-order HERE

Several new IDW GI JOE comic books are in stock, notably the GI JOE: COBRA special which is a follow-up to the highly regarded GI JOE: COBRA mini-seriesand features some brilliant layout and storytelling techniques rivalling the original Marvel silent issue (#21)'s ingenuity. Learn about the origin ofTomax & Xamot!

IDW Comic Books

BTW, we've split the IDW books into their own product categories so shoppingthe various series should now be easier.

GI JOE: America's Elite comic issue #36 convention exclusive cover editionis available again (for pre-order) in limited quantities, take a look!

America's Elite Comic


A bunch of older (1982-1986) loose GI JOE vehicles have been added to ourvintage categories. Check 'em out:



We've restocked the JSI 1:18 scale aircraft and tank models. The new GermanPanther and Stuka are now available.

1:18 Aircraft

1:18 Tanks

1:18 Figures

We have lots of new paint master photos now for the 1:18 scale F-14A Tomcat from JSI. This looks to be one incredible model! Difficult to believe thatElite Force's 1:18 scale F-16 and F-18 could be outdone but JSI is giving it a try. Please get your pre-orders in for this item right away as we expect quick sell through especially given the holiday season.

F-14A Tomcat


3 3/4" renditions of Freddy Krueger, Jason Vorhees, and Leatherface are nowin stock HERE!


These are on sale right now for less than our cost. Our overstock is yourgain!

Wolverine Animated Figures


Be sure to check out the clearance aisle for items we have excess stock of and wish to get out of the warehouse - some great deals to be had. New items, including some Microman and GI JOE, have been added recently.

Clearance Section

Thanks for reading, and we hope you'll stop by and check out the sitesoon.

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