NECA Reveals First Assortment of NEW MOON Action Figures

Twilight sequel brings out all-new characters...

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The sequel to 2008's box office smash Twilight, New Moon follows the emotional story of Bella as her vampiric love Edward is forced to leave their town with his family. In the film we see the development of a relationship with Jacob Black, a werewolf, and the conflict arising from the ancient war between the two supernatural creatures.

NECA kicks off its New Moon action figure line with all-new sculpts of Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, Jacob Black and Edward's adopted sister, Alice Cullen (portrayed by Ashley Greene in the movie). Each figure comes with unique articulation and highly-accurate detailing.

New Moon Series One hits stores this month. Also be on the look out for Toys"R"Us exclusive 2-packs of the line, one with Jacob and Bella and the other with Edward and Alice. These will be priced at around $24.99.

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Jeff Saylor (Editor)
on 10/14/2009
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