New NECA 1/4 Scale Jungle Demon Predator


NECA has revealed a stunning new addition to their quarter scale Predator collection: the Jungle Demon Predator!

The 20-inch tall figure is cast in clear plastic with camouflage accents to capture his cloaked appearance in the jungle. NECA has even equipped him with LED effects to simulate the yellow glowing eyes and phasing effect seen on screen!

The figure also features red LED lights in the mask’s targeting system and in the wrist computer, which flips open. The figure has retractable wrist blades, articulated shoulder cannon, and removable backpack.

Shipping in September! Pre-orders are currently open at, the figure priced at $119.99.

Jungle Demon Predator

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  1. Bill

    Just bought two of these today (one of which I returned) and both were not able to “phase ” the eyes as though they were pulsing (aka the fourth button press). Instead, it would glow on, gradually phase off once and then just shut off. I looked inside the head to check the batteries (which were fine) and noticed the computer chip connected to the button had three metal prongs bent outward as though they were supposed to be attached to something. It was as though they were meant to connect to the battery housing but they were just pushed up against the plastic. I examined both predators and both were like this. I’m extremely confused since the video above clearly shows the fourth button press causes the eyes to phase on and off continually. Does anyone out there have the same issue or did I just find two either identical manufacturing defects?

    • Bill

      Contacted Neca and they said the video demonstration they released was looped at the end to demonstrate the phase effect better and the helmet was never intended to continuously pulse on and off like the video shows. I’m my opinion their video is misleading. There’s nothing to indicate the video was edited to loop at the end. Kind of an odd choice if you ask me. Oh well. Just be aware, unlike what the video shows, the actual helmet does not pulse on the last sequence. It comes on, fades, and that it.

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